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We offer a special menu, where the sweet taste does not limit us, because we have all the basic flavors, flavor combinations and seasonal ingredients available, from which our Pastry Chef puts together the dessert dishes that change every month, in the six-course dessert menu!
Wine dinner

Wine dinner

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The Solier Fusion Dessert Restaurant awaits its guests in the downtown of Gödöllő, ready to provide a unique taste experience.

Our new concept is a novel initiative, unique of its kind in Hungary.

We offer a special menu, not limited to sweet dishes only - because all basic flavours, flavour combinations and seasonal ingredients
appear in the six-course dessert menu.

In this case "fusion" doesn't mean the combinining of the cuisines of different nations. Rather, it means the integration of confectionery and the available seasonal ingredients, plus the joining of modern confectionary technology, kitchen technology and serving technology, all represented as a "plate dessert".

For lovers of sweet taste, we recommend our Signature Plate Desserts, the independent plate dessert creations which delight the eyes and the mouth.

We offer a special selection of wine and drinks alongside our desserts.

Reserve a table and visit Gödöllő, the Solier Fusion Dessert Restaurant, and see for yourself.

Please take a look at our menu and photo gallery to make your choice easier.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our restaurant!

Best regards:
Pastry Chef Csaba Szoljár and the Solier Team

- quality is our passion!-

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